A webcast is a presentation, seminare or other event/production distributed over the Internet with the use of streaming media technology in order to reach multiple simultaneous listeners/viewers. One form of webcasting is online TV channels offering video streams both live and on-demand. Other forms can offer complementary features such as synced powerpoint slides, chat between viewers and participants, multiple language translations, polls, quizzes, guestbook, guest list and much more.
Thanks to our partnership with Nasdaq(www.nasdaq.com), we can offer webcasts with all the above mentioned features on one of the most reliable platforms available. We can match any demand from down sized productions/presentations to larger events with unlimited amount of viewers.
Mbrace helps you pick and choose what’s right for you, your organisation and your communication before we produce and deliver it together.

See standard packages and demos below. If interested – fill in form or email us directly at webcasting@mbrace.se.



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