We believe that we distinguish ourselves through how we approach you as a customer. We’re curious. Our ears are huge and we adapt to you. Sure, we’re geeks when it comes to camera gear (ask Jack about lenses and you’ll have to ask again to make him stop). But to make a movie that really resonates with your audience we need to know what makes you tick.
So we like to ask questions. Lots and lots of questions. Why are we making this movie? Who are we talking to? What are we trying to change? Who are the change-agents? Is there any more of this delicious coffee? We want to listen and hear you. In order to deliver the best possible movie we want to genuinely understand you as a customer.
So first we talk. Then what? When we´ve gathered all the information we need to make your story as good as it deserves to be we loop back to you with a pitch or a script before the filming begins. We decide together whether to use actors, or your own staff, concept art, or show the finished product, film it in an office, a studio, (or on the top of a skyscraper.) Basically we flesh out how we are going to tell your story.
This is a collaboration every step of the way. Your story is always in focus and we want your story to be the best that it can be.