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Vikdalsvägen 4
131 53 Nacka, Stockholm


Harstorpsvägen 83
371 91, Karlskrona

Bringing people closer
to each other

Mbrace was born at the beginning of 2014 with the vision of bringing people closer through communication. As a company, we stand out in the industry with values such as challenging, genuine, and unexpected. The people in the company have been active in the industry since 2000 and later, which can be seen in how we work and what we deliver.

At its core, Mbrace is a group of people who are passionate about helping our clients achieve their goals through the production services we provide. Collaboration is a major focus in our organization where everyone contributes to productions for clients.

We are flexibly organized to be able to take care of simple requests at short notice as well as to manage and staff larger productions. We manage this with our own permanent staff with broad competence and a very solid network of freelancers with different knowledge and experience.