Branded studio solutions or tailored studio construction built from the ground up

We’ll be with you throughout the entire project.

01 / Before


Before your studio production, we guide you through the needed steps to make sure it’s fits your expectations.We are with you from the start where we’ll go through everything before your live stream.

02 / During


After the pre-production we are ready to get started with a set of different possibilities and offerings.

03 / After


After the production, we take care of all post-processing work of the material.

Select the right scope for your project

If you’re not sure what you’re after we’re here to offer our expertise and experience in guiding you to the right setup.


Get your message out fast and uncomplicated to a larger audience.

From 79 900 SEK

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Increase the outreach of your next physical event or seminar.

From 99 900 SEK

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Host a first-class seminar, event or TV-show for a larger audience.

From 149 900 SEK

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Planing something new and unique – perhaps a new format or concept spaning multiple parts of the world and over many platforms.

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