Filmproduction – Arla “The Breakfast Effect”

Arla Foods


Mbrace is proud to have been commissioned to create a film for Arla's initiative "the breakfast effect," which was presented at Järvaveckan. This film provides an in-depth look at how school breakfast impact students' daily lives and academic performance. We followed the students at Grönkullaskolan in Rissne, where they openly share their personal experiences and discuss how the school breakfast influences their daily routines and well-being. The film also highlights the crucial work done by Save the Children through their breakfast clubs, which provide nutritious meals and a safe environment for children who need extra support. Additionally, the film sheds light on Generation Pep's commitment to the school breakfast issue and their efforts to promote a better start to the day for all students. Through this film, Arla aims not only to raise awareness about the importance of school breakfast but also to inspire more people to support and engage in these valuable initiatives. We are delighted to have contributed to highlighting these important issues and to be part of a movement that seeks to create a positive impact on children's lives and learning.